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From one-to-one coaching, to group workshops or company wide implementation.





for individuals, teams and organisations that prioritise a safe, collaborative and free work environment.


for a group of minimum 10

A 3 hour immersive workshop looking into calibrating, planning and dealing with real issues at work

Practical application of a toolset to foster open and compassionate conversations that enable people to be authentic at work

An opportunity to share, openly discuss and commit to better ways of engaging people at work

Genos Grow

for individuals, teams and companies looking to empower people to be more intentional in their actions, more focused and driven in their interactions with others and overall in a better state of mind

Please contact us for a subscription package based upon the number of people

On-demand learning that actually works through its simplicity and follow-through built-in process.

A simple way to put learning back in the hands of the learner in an engaging, personalised way

A comprehensive yet compact solution to emotional culture, leadership development, wellbeing and collaboration.

6 months subscription to the simple and interactive on-demand learning platform

An easy to follow, personalised and measurable process

Integrated nudges and reminders, as well as insightful resources for advanced application

Genos All Access

for teams and leaders that want to create more empathetic, authentic, resilient and collaborative teams, in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Please contact us for a tailored offer based upon team size and geographical location

Full range of EI development programs that you can deliver in your organization as you wish, with no added costs: emotional intelligence, resilience, mindfulness, coaching, sales, leadership and team development

Unlimited EI assessments: you can put as many of your people through our EI assessments as often as you’d like

Genos Life at no extra cost: free access to your colleagues’ family members to as many of the Genos LIFE assessments as they wish, including resources designed to help them work on their personal emotional intelligence

A cost-effective monthly subscription to help your team show up with more emotional intelligence

Complete and fully unlimited access to all of our assessments, analytics, trainings, development programs, and more

Personalized EI development plan to be accessed by any of your team members

Leader as Coach

for companies who want to develop a coaching culture and for leaders who want to bring a coaching style to their everyday leadership.


A complete coaching mindset, skillset and toolset

Coaching planning and practice in preparation for real-life on-the-job application

Insights into your own EI through an EI Leadership assessment

Four immersive and practical live learning modules, full of inspirational content, practical tools, techniques and activities

A practical coaching conversations framework to improve how you connect, communicate, and influence others

A Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessment in advance of the program to offer insights into the strengths and focus areas to enhance upon or during the program.

Genos EI Practitioner Certification

24 - 30 May 2024

perfect for senior leaders, HR professionals, coaches, trainers and facilitators


20% Early Bird Discount* - early booking until end of March 2024

Contemporary solutions for coaching and training needs

Easy integration of EI solutions in recruitment, assessment, and development

Multiple lifetime learning, support, and resources

Explore the 180 Genos Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour assessment

6 x 120 minutes live sessions and a 2h30min optional practice session (all done online)

Complete an online follow-up debrief to validate your learning process

Relationship Intelligence

perfect for individuals who want better relationships and results


VAT is not included

The big picture over your WHYs, conflict reactions, strengths, and overdone strengths

A practical guide to working with others

A straightforward method to effectively manage differences in people

A powerful SDI 2.0 motivational assessment, a digital self-guided debrief

2 hours of practical conversations with an RQ Master Facilitator

1 slick action plan filled with RQ nuggets of knowledge and insights, exercises, and calibration for better results in your relationships.

Instant EI

perfect for individuals who want to advance and build trust


VAT is not included

Hands-on (and hearts-on) approaches to elevate your EI demonstration

Key insights and real feedback for instant decisions

Quick, practical solutions for getting more control over results

1x 180 top-notch EI feedback assessment and self-guided digital debrief by Genos Emotional Intelligence

2x 1h energizing individual sessions with an EI Master Facilitator

1x action plan and plenty of development tips for your desired outcomes

Applied EI

for teams and companies who appreciate the value of people showing up in a better way


10 members minimum then €250 for each additional member, VAT not included

A hands-on approach for your all-rounded growth

Straightforward, no-nonsense applicable EI demonstrations

Neuroscience-based tools combined with Emotional Intelligence applications

180 real feedback assessment on your levels of demonstration of EI as an employee

6 1h30 minutes live sessions built on practical approaches towards your growth

1x slick workbook and collateral artifacts integrated into the modules

Leading with EI

for leadership teams looking to maximise their impact


10 members minimum then €250 for each additional member, VAT not included

A hands-on approach for your emotional intelligence growth as a leader

180 real feedback assessment on your levels of demonstration of EI as a leader

Neuroscience-based tools combined with Emotional Intelligence applications

180 real feedback assessment on your levels of demonstration of EI as a leader

6 x 1h30 live sessions built upon practical approaches towards your growth as a leader and that of others

1x slick workbook and collateral artifacts integrated into the modules

Team Dynamics

for teams wanting to foster more collaboration, accountability and feel good factors


10 members minimum then €200 for each additional member, VAT not included

A practical approach to getting better results as a team

A straightforward way to effectively manage conflicts within your team

An engaging way to celebrate diversity and build upon strengths

1x 1h Live online introductory session: context, expectations, and goal setting

1x Individual online SDI motivational profiling and relationship awareness profiling and digital debrief

3 X 1.5 hours group sessions: Engaging live online facilitation of Relationship Intelligence, focused on achieving set goals.

The Emotional Culture Deck

for teams and leaders that want to unravel and co-create the emotional culture in the workplace through play


8 members minimum then €50 for each additional member, VAT not included

A 3-hours-to-a-full-day session of play and meaningful conversations

A creative approach to bridging the conversation gap through vulnerability and openness

An efficient and fun method to get people talking about how the emotional culture in the office impacts the quality of their work

A personalized experience to help you discover and discuss the emotional culture of your organization

A lively play session to kickstart meaningful conversations about how we really feel

An engaging framework to use when in need of a context to communicate more openly and enhance teamwork

Emotional Culture Index

perfect for ​​teams and leaders that want to get the pulse of their team’s or organization’s emotional culture

Free of charge

An assessment of the emotional climate in your team or organization

A tool designed to help you fill in the gap between how people are feeling and how they would ideally like to feel

Insights about the emotions that people find most helpful as well as unhelpful at work

A visual display of the levels of pleasant and unpleasant emotions people are experiencing, following the Experienced/ Expected/ Ideal framework

Honest feedback from people on your team about the feelings they experience and those they wish to experience more at work

The opportunity to discuss the report, upon request, with a Genos Certified Practitioner - understand findings and possible ways forward

Science of Wellbeing

perfect for individuals and teams that want to assess and improve their wellbeing across multiple dimensions


10 members minimum, then €120/member, VAT not included

An immersive program to guide you through the key areas of wellbeing and provide definite strategies to support development planning

A hands-on approach to boost wellbeing at work

A new coaching model to help people respond effectively to challenging situations

4 x powerful interactive sessions

1 x unique digital workbook to capture insights and support development planning

1 x deep dive into proven strategies to improve the 4 key areas of wellbeing

Emotional Intelligence Selection Report

for hiring managers that want to utilize EI measures as an additional means to making the best possible hiring decisions.

Prices depend upon volumes and/or subscriptions. Please get in touch for a quote.

A Selection Report assessing 7 emotionally intelligent competencies immediately upon candidate’s completion

An interview guide for an in-depth exploration of EI skills based on the Genos Selection Model

A quick overall impression of the candidate's strengths and possible areas of development

A unique interview guide to support hiring more emotionally intelligent candidates

A meaningful report, based on the assessment of 7 key emotional intelligence competencies, to reflect how well candidates demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviors in the workplace

A spot-on summary to help you combine assessment and interview results and present a recommendation to your candidate

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