What is
Lead with Psychological Safety

A bite-sized and engaging workshop to help have the conversations about everyone’s input in ensuring psychological safety in the workplace.

Through a blend of neuroscience of emotions. immersive exercises and opportunities to practice application of efficient tools and techniques, it helps build trust and inclusion with emotional intelligence in a very practical format, where every colleague’s perspective and commitments matter.

The programme itself has been designed with everyone in mind – from individual contributors to senior leadership.

What is inside

4 immersive
learning modules

full of inspirational content,
practical tools,
techniques and activities.

A simple template
to commit

to future changes
through DO-THINK-ACT
reflection sheets.

A clear way
to calibrate and prepare

for meaningful sharing of
what works and what doesn’t
within relationships and teams.

It's for you if...

You are working with overly polite colleagues and teams that tend to avoid real conversations

You find yourself at the other end of the spectrum and you work in an environment where people challenge each other too bluntly.

You want to establish an environment of candid conversations that have a collaborative approach in sharing issues that affect work, sharing mistakes and calling out unproductive behaviours in a compassionate way.

You want to create an environment where people are authentic and feel safe to bring their real selves into everyday interactions

You want to enhance your natural empathy to build better connections

What’s your investment?

150 Euros per person for a group of minimum 10 participants.

What you will get:

A 3 hour immersive workshop looking into calibrating, planning and dealing with real issues at work

Practical application of a toolset to foster open and compassionate conversations that enable people to be authentic at work

An opportunity to share, openly discuss and commit to better ways of engaging people at work

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