What is
Leader as Coach?

The constantly changing business environment comes with challenges. In order to successfully cope with change and craft employee wellbeing, productivity, and company culture along the way, leaders need to understand, guide, and support their employees. Coaching conversations are essential to this and require emotional intelligence to be truly effective.

This is where Leader as Coach comes in: an interactive, four-part program, designed to equip leaders with the mindset, skillset and toolset for holding emotionally intelligent coaching conversations in the workspace, to bring out the best in people and to enhance their everyday leadership demonstration.

leader as coach

What is inside

Four immersive
instructor-led learning

full of inspirational content,
practical tools, techniques,
and activities

A practical coaching

to improve how you connect,
and influence others

A Genos Emotionally
Leadership Assessment

in advance of the program
to offer insight into the strengths and focus areas
you can enhance during the program.

It's for you if...

You’re looking to improve how you connect, communicate and influence others

You wish to embrace the role of coaching in leadership

You want to learn how to facilitate effective everyday coaching conversations

You wish to develop emotionally intelligent coaching skills

You want to enhance your capacity to be empathetic and build trust

You will learn

How to develop rapport, authenticity and trust in interactions

Tools, techniques, and frameworks to coach effectively

The three dimensions of coaching and the neuroscience behind it

How to create insight through listening and questioning

To identify and avoid coaching conversation traps

To understand behavioral styles and emotional triggers

To guide commitment to actions throughout the coaching conversations

What’s your investment?

€380/person (VAT not included)

What you will get:

Insight and feedback on your own emotional intelligence through an EI Leadership Assessment

Four immersive and practical live learning modules leading to coaching planning and practice in preparation for real-life on-the-job application

A coaching mindset for everyday coaching conversations

Tools and frameworks for effective coaching with emotional intelligence

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