What is
the Science of Wellbeing?

We all want to work in an environment where it feels safe to bring our authentic selves into interactions with our team—one where it's not personally costly to share vulnerabilities.

Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety are everybody's business.
The Science of Wellbeing program provides you with practical strategies to increase self-confidence, physical vitality, and overall sense of fulfillment, while focusing on developing psychological safety at the group level.

Built on the science of behavior change and healthy habit formation, the program helps you reduce stress and boost productivity and engagement by exploring a wide range of tactics in four key areas: mental, physical, social, and environmental.

Discover how to better understand emotional intelligence and become more self-aware.

Science of wellbeing

What is inside

4 powerful

interactive facilitator-led
sessions to improve the
4 key areas of wellbeing

1 unique

digital workbook to
capture insights and support
development planning

A self-assessment

for your own
Emotional Intelligence
to anchor future actions

It's for you if...

You need to draw the line and start making commitments

You want to focus on your wellbeing and that of your teams

You want to understand the role and science of emotions

You want to reduce stress while improving efficiency at work

You want to adopt better habits around sleep, diet and exercise to boost physical wellbeing

You want to work on creating boundaries

You're looking for a practical approach to improving personal relationships

You want to discover how to improve social wellbeing with emotional intelligence

You will learn

How to use emotional self-awareness to assess wellbeing

New tactics to implement around sleep, diet, and exercise

4 proactive strategies to improve wellbeing in all aspects of work and life

Effective ways to improve your working environment

How to boost the quality of your everyday social interactions

How to reduce stress and increase engagement in the workplace

How to integrate emotional agility in responding to triggers

What our customers
are saying about us:

We facilitate The Science of wellbeing with you in mind. That's why this is a hands-on approach.
Don't take our word for granted - take a look at some of the feedback we're constantly receiving.

What's your investment?


10 members minimum, then €120/member

VAT not included

Stand-out features:

4 powerful, interactive facilitator-led sessions

1 unique digital workbook to capture insights and support development planning

A hands-on approach to boost the wellbeing of your teams

A deep dive into proven strategies to improve the 4 key areas of wellbeing

New coaching model for helping others respond effectively to challenging situations

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