What is
the Emotional Intelligence Selection Report?

We all know by now that Emotional Intelligence is an essential workplace skill and, it comes as no surprise, that companies are starting to focus more on EI competencies in the first steps of their employees’ lifecycle. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Selection Report has been specifically designed in order to help hiring managers to utilize EI measures as an additional means to making the best possible hiring decisions.

The Selection Report is the best measure of how often a candidate demonstrates EI in the workplace. It is based on The Genos Selection model that assesses 7 emotionally intelligent competencies, capturing the workplace behaviors that the candidates manifests from: self-awareness, awareness of others, emotional expression, emotional reasoning, self-management, management of others and self-control.

In the initial screening, hiring managers can utilize the Genos Selection Report to review a candidate’s perceived emotional intelligence level. Combined with other selection best practices and processes, candidates are interviewed and/or complete role-play-based simulations.

Each assessment provides a Selection Report for the hiring manager and an optional candidate report if needed. Candidates can complete the survey from any device at any time, through a simple and secure administration platform, and the results are made available immediately upon completion.

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What is inside

A unique interview guide

To support hiring more emotionally intelligent candidates

A meaningful report

Based on the assessment of 7 key emotional intelligence competencies to reflect how well candidates demonstrate emotionally intelligent behaviors in the workplace

A spot-on summary

To help you combine assessment and interview results and present a recommendation to your candidate

It's for you if...

You understand the correlation between EI and performance and want to hire for emotional intelligence and culture fit

You’re looking for meaningful results that validated against manipulation, inflations, and inconsistency proof

You want a quick overview of a candidate’s strengths and opportunities for development

You wish to compare a number of candidates’ profiles quickly

You want a mutually giving relationship with potential present or future candidates

It will allow you …

To conduct the interview with the candidate using the questions and behavioral scoring criteria presented

To evaluate the candidate’s scores on each of the 7 skills of the Genos Selection Model

To review the candidate’s total score and summary profile

To form a quick overall impression of the candidate’s strengths and possible areas of development

To collate the information in the report with other sources of information about the candidate and determine the candidate’s overall suitability for selection

What’s your investment?

Based upon subscription or volume prices. Please reach out for a quote.

What you will get:

A Selection Report assessing 7 emotionally intelligent competencies immediately upon candidate’s completion

An interview guide for an in-depth exploration of EI skills based on the Genos Selection Model

A quick overall impression of the candidate's strengths and possible areas of development

The possibility to compare a number of candidates’ profiles quickly

Additional means to making the best possible hiring decisions

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