What is the Genos EI
Practitioner Certification?

The Genos Emotional Intelligence is an all-in-one solution that elevates your EI workspace dynamics - selection, assessment, and development of EI demonstration, company-wide. It comprises of 6 core competencies based on measurable, observable and actionable behaviors.

We believe that the way you show up at work affects how you make others feel, which in turn affects engagement levels and the bottom line. This is core in the development of the practical Genos Emotional Intelligence assessments and programs. It’s not just our belief - these assessments have been scientifically proven accurate for more than two decades, Genos ranking year after year in the TOP 20 Global Assessment Companies, being a global ICF Partner and members of EI Consortium.

Becoming a Genos EI Practitioner

As a global ICF partner, Genos has a straightforward 3 step process:


the 180 Genos
Emotionally Intelligent
Workplace Behaviour assessment


6 x 120 minutes
live sessions and a 2h30min
optional practice session (all done online)


an online
follow-up debrief
to validate your learning process

The Genos Model

Emotional Self-Awareness

If you are emotionally self-aware, you are conscious of the role your feelings can play in the work relationships, and you are better equipped to manage this influence effectively.

Awareness of Others

This skill helps you identify what makes people feel valued, listened to, cared for, consulted, and understood. It also helps you demonstrate empathy, anticipate responses or reactions, and adjust your behavior so that it fits well with others.


It involves honestly expressing specific feelings at work, such as happiness and frustration, providing feedback to your colleagues about the way you feel, and sharing emotions at the right time, to the right degree and, to the right people.

Emotional Reasoning

It involves considering your own and others’ feelings when making decisions. When this type of emotional information is combined with facts and technical information, people make expansive, creative, and well-thought-out decisions.


This skill helps you to be resilient and manage high work demands and stress rather than being temperamental at work. If you are proficient in managing your own emotions, you seek the opportunities and possibilities that exist even in the face of adversity.

Positive Influence

This skill helps you create a productive environment for others. Positive Influence equips you with the capacity to encourage colleagues to cooperate and work effectively together.

It's for you if...

You want more than a certification - you seek easily implementable solutions, immediately.

You have an active role in developing others and recognize the importance of EI in the future of work.

You want to step into a coaching role in your team or for your clients.

You want to increase your credibility (and abilities) with the Global EI Practitioner Certificate.

You want a practical approach to EI solutions and to integrate them.

You want a world of knowledge at your fingertips and a fabulous support community.

As a Genos Practitioner, you will:


Tailor practical approaches to integrating EI and develop the 6 core competencies. Design hands-on programs and feedback experiences both for teams and 1-to-1.

Support clients in recruiting, assessing, and developing people who demonstrate emotional intelligence using a comprehensive reports range.


Create long-term engagement with demonstrating EI competencies and behaviors. Enhance resilience, improve teamwork, raise leader productivity, and create a favorable climate for change.

Use the unique Emotional Culture Index (at no cost) and take the emotional pulse within teams, departments, or the entire company and identify further development priorities.


Deliver compelling keynote presentations on all aspects of Emotional Intelligence.

Customizable 8 ready-made training programs: Engaging Leader, Resilient Leader, Mindful Leader, Emotionally Intelligent Leader, the Emotionally Intelligent Salesperson, Leading with EI, and Applied EI. Success scripts, workbooks, and best practices.

Powerfully debrief Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment results with individuals and teams.

For Continuous Growth

Build your reputation using GENOS ready-made training content, social media support, and marketing best practices.

Have free access to GENOS University. That’s for life.

Attend dynamic global networking and CSR events free of charge.

You will learn

The neuroscience of emotions

How to facilitate both 1 to 1 and team coaching assessment debriefs

How to design and deliver practical EI programs to build the 6 core competencies

How to create long-term engagement with EI for individuals team

How to apply it in leadership, sales and overall workplace culture

Next course will take place between 24-30 May 2024

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