In an age of accelerated growth and rapid AI advancement, we all need to connect with others, to show empathy, manage conflicts, build resilience, improve collaboration and develop productive relationships. We all need emotional intelligence as a life and work skill.

Emotional Intelligence ranks in the top 10 global skills in 2020.

The Workd Economic Forum and numerous studies published by Capgemini, Linkedin, Harvard Business Review place emotional intelligence amongst the top 10 workplace skills to be developed. And needless to say, if you’re looking at improving your leadership, communication skills, innovation capabilities and growth mindset emotional intelligence certainly increases your potential.

At eiromania our goal is to enable companies in Romania build sustainable and engaging workplace emotional cultures.

We believe in the power of empathy, in positively anchoring learning in existing strengths, in having a measured approach for development against expectations. We believe in people having meaningful dialogues, being generous to each other and growing from differences.

This is why we have partnered with 2 of the global assessment companies Genos and Corestrengths as official distributors in Romania, integrating their tools in a variety of programmes as well as certifying coaches and trainers.

What is your company’s
emotional culture?

Find out your Company’s Emotional Culture Index

The Emotional Culture Index Survey is designed to measure three dimensions of emotions at work:

  • Current state – How often your people experience certain feelings at work.
  • Expected state – How often your people think it’s fair and reasonable to experience these feelings at work given the nature and context of your workplace.
  • Ideal state – How often your people think they should ideally experience these feelings in your workplace in order to be effective.

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