What is
the Emotional Culture Deck?

The ECD is the #1 game for better workplace cultures.

The Emotional Culture Deck provides a simple yet powerful card-based tool that reimagines the way you design and build your culture and employee experience. A powerful way to start conversations about what truly matters in the workplace.

Created around the question: “What do you want your people to feel?”, this program addresses emotional wellbeing and encourages empathy and vulnerability that leads to a more honest, open, trusting and secure work environment.

What is inside

A personalized

experience (between 3 hours and a full day)
aiming to help you discover and discuss
the emotional culture that drives teams and business forward.

A lively

play session using the
Emotional Culture Deck to kickstart
meaningful conversations about how we feel and don’t want to feel at work.

An engaging

framework to use anytime when in need
of a context to communicate more
openly and, on that account, enhance teamwork.

It's for you if...

You want to create a positive emotional climate in your workspace.

You want to help build a growth mindset in your teams.

You wish to develop more caring and compassionate leaders.

You want to co-create the culture of your organizations rather than apply a top-down approach.

You’re looking to humanize and put emotions at the core of your employee experience at work.

You want to connect your teams on an emotional level.

You want to to reduce burnout, improve employee satisfaction, teamwork, and even improve hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism

You will learn

How to develop a greater understanding of your people’s feelings

Ways to get your people to be more open, connected and vulnerable with each other

Insights into the emotional drivers and blockers of projects and how to unlock project lessons

Ways to encourage a healthy expression of emotions in the workplace

Ways to foster trust and communication within teams

How to better manage growth efforts and morale

How to manage change easily

What our customers
are saying about us:

We use the Emotional Culture Deck experiences with our customers in mind. That’s why this is a hands-on approach. Don’t take our word for granted - take a look at our customers’ feedback.

Ways to apply the ECD (Session Topics to explore): leadership development, employee engagement, team culture, change leadership, stakeholder engagement, employee experience, team mergers, recruitment & onboarding, team check-ins, communication strategy, project reviews, conflict resolution.

What’s your investment?

€1,000 (VAT not included)

What you will get:

A 3-hours-to-a-full-day session of play and meaningful conversations

An effective and fun method to get people talking about how the emotional culture in the office impacts the quality of their work

The perfect blend between play, discussion and strategy

A creative approach to bridging the conversation gap through vulnerability and openness

A starting point for creating more experiences and opportunities for people to express how they feel and build stronger teams

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