What is
Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, evaluate, and communicate emotions correctly. It is about being smart about emotions.

It is also about making intelligent responses to complicated feelings and using specific skills to generate positive emotions in self and others through being present, empathetic, genuine, resilient and empowering.

“Emotional intelligence is a continuous process.”
Daniel Goleman

Why does EI matter? And why does it matter now?

The way you make people feel has a critical impact on how they engage with you.

Emotional intelligence has a regulatory role that can be paramount in understanding things precisely and achieving effective communication without resorting to confrontations or increasing tensions.

Recent studies by Capgemini and LinkedIn place EI as one of the essential skills for the times we live in and our futures. Work cultures are adapting to fast-paced environments, and as emotional and social beings, we need to recognize and constructively manage emotions within our working cultures.

Emotional intelligence benefits everyone in the workplace.

For individuals, it can improve mental health, relationship satisfaction, career success and overall happiness. In addition, beyond oneself, EI creates a more positive environment in the workplace and makes interactions between colleagues more pleasant and productive.
It also contributes to better stress management and allows people to handle high work demands.

For leaders, having emotional intelligence is a huge advantage since it helps them make better decisions, motivate their teams, solve problems easier, encourage creative thinking, and feel less stressed.

Emotional intelligence coaching can help professionals and leaders have a more positive work experience.

What we can do for you and your team

At EI Romania, guiding people to understand and develop emotional intelligence and their relationships is what we do.

We help teams and individuals improve their impact, presence, relationships, resilience, and leadership and enable them to have those conversations that move things forward.

We have partnered with two of the global assessment companies - Genos and Corestrengths – to integrate their tools in a variety of programs and to certify coaches and trainers in Emotional Intelligence.

We look at “How you show up” (or your demonstrated emotional intelligence), “What drives you” (or yours and other people’s motivational Whys), as well as how to have “Nice conflicts” (or recognizing and effectively resolving conflicts with others).

Our goal is to enable companies to build sustainable and engaging workplace emotional cultures.

We believe in the power of empathy, in positively anchoring learning in existing strengths, in having a measured approach for development against expectations.

We also believe in people having meaningful dialogues, being generous to each other and growing from differences.

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