About Us

Like most of us, a while ago we found ourselves at a crossroads with businesses undergoing big transformations. We felt the need to understand and apply emotional intelligence as professionals (and as friends, partners and parents).

We looked for the hands-on, ready-to-use applications that would help us not only adapt but thrive in the new, changing environments. The tools we use have changed our lives. It was more than need at first sight, it was love at first sight and we’ve been applying them in business and life contexts ever since.

Who we are

We’re a dynamic group of highly trained facilitators and keen developers of Emotional Intelligence.
Helping people understand and demonstrate EI in their roles and relationships is what we do.
This makes us get up in the morning again and again and again. We help teams and individuals improve their impact, presence, relationships, resilience, leadership and have those conversations that move things forward.

Elevating your
working cultures

EI is about being smart in regard to emotions. It is about making intelligent responses to negative feelings and using specific skills to generate positive emotions in self and others. We believe that being present, empathetic, genuine, resilient, and empowering in your behaviors will drive you further and help you accomplish more.

It’s not only our belief, according to Harvard, Capgemini, McKinsey, and LinkedIn (EI) Emotional Intelligence is one of the top essential future skills. It helps you engage, collaborate, and drive better performance. It helps you thrive and elevates your working environment. Who doesn’t want that?

How we deliver

We’re learners, not only facilitators. We are busy juggling work and life, like most of us. For us the theory is great, but the practice is even better - that’s why we deliver in such a practical manner.

We are with you. We are about energy and balance between experiential learning accompanied by head (and heart) space.

We believe that people can and know how to choose for themselves when provided with the right context and resources.

We focus on the applicable - that’s why we designed hands-on How-tos that are useful in everyday practice.

We love results - understanding without action gets us nowhere – and we love moving forward.

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