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How to Become a Positive Influence on Others

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When talking about leaders and leadership, one thing’s sure: a leader’s behavior can positively or negatively influence the performance and engagement of colleagues.

Good leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance and emotional wellbeing in others and this can be achieved by developing your positive influence capabilities.

One of the core emotional intelligence competencies, positive influence is a skill that enables you to create productive environments for others.

It is the capacity to influence the way people feel and encourage them to cooperate and work effectively together through problem-solving, feedback, and recognizing and supporting their work

Let’s dive deeper.


#1. Problem-solving


Being a good (and influential) leader has a lot to do with effectively helping your people resolve issues that are affecting the quality of their work.

At heart, positive influence is all about helping others find effective ways of responding to upsetting events.

It starts with actively listening to what people are trying to communicate.

And there are many things that get in the way of actually hearing what the others are saying, but you can train yourself in order to access the precious information that lies beneath.


#2. Feedback


Being able to give feedback but also knowing how to receive it are two crucial skills to have in the workplace.

It takes time and practice to get good at them, but it is worth it. 

As a leader and a positive influencer, you can change people’s relationships with feedback both by delivering it in a healthy way, and also by actively seeking it.

The latter is even more powerful because it encourages people to realize that there’s strength in vulnerability and that learning never stops.


#3. Recognizing and supporting others’ work


Sometimes, in our fast-paced lives, even though we feel grateful and glad for others, we fall short of acknowledging it out loud and giving credit. 

Here’s the thing: you have an incredible impact on others by pointing out strengths and encouraging them to value what is best within themselves.

Take the time to show your appreciation.

Acknowledgement, just like actual help, sustains growth and pushes people forward.

On the plus side, a person who is appreciated will feel more empowered to go above and beyond for the team.

The list can go on.

There are many means to consider and think about when aiming to influence others in a positive way: acting with integrity, giving others a voice, and being mindful of the emotions that drive behavior. 

Start step by step, assess the results and remember to check in on yourself as well. Because the way you talk to yourself plays a big role in the way you carry yourself in the world and, hence, the way you influence the ones around you. 


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