Emotional Intelligence is about being smart about emotions. It is about making intelligent responses to negative feelings and using specific skills to generate positive emotions in self and others through being present, empathetic, genuine, resilient and empowering in our behaviours as often as possible.

At EIRomania, helping people understand and develop EI and their relationships is what we do. We help teams and individuals improve their impact, presence, relationships, resilience, leadership and to have those conversations that move things forward.

Through the 2 global assessments that we have partnered as distributors for, we look at “How you show up” (or your demonstrated emotional intelligence), “What drives you”, (or yours and other people’s motivational WHYs) and how to have “Nice Conflicts”, (or recognizing and effectively resolving conflicts with others).

Why does EI matter? And why does it matter now?

The way you make people feel has a dramatic impact on how they engage with you. Wouldn’t the world be a better place with more emotionally intelligent people running our teams and organisations?

Recent studies by Capgemini and LinkedIn place EI as one of the most important skills for the times we live in and our futures. The world is rapidly changing, work cultures are adapting to a fast-paced environment and as emotional beings, we need to be able to recognize and constructively manage emotions within our working cultures.

Emotional intelligence benefits everyone in the workplace. For individuals, studies show that increased emotional intelligence can improve mental health, relationship satisfaction, career success and overall happiness. Beyond oneself, emotional intelligence creates a more positive environment in the workplace and makes interactions between colleagues more pleasant and productive. It also helps individuals better manage their stress and allows them to handle high work demands.

For leaders, having emotional intelligence is a huge advantage. Poor leadership is costing you money. Emotional intelligence helps leaders motivate and mobilize their team, problem solve, encourage creative thinking, make good decisions and feel less stressed and more focused.

With practice, emotional intelligence helps everyone to be more present, empathetic, genuine, expansive, resilient and empowering. Emotional intelligence coaching can help professionals and leaders have more positive work experience.

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