What is
Emotional Culture Index?

An assessment of the emotional climate in your team or organization, designed to reveal how people feel at work in a mix of constructive and unconstructive emotional states. Brilliant, right?

We no longer live in the era of the “leave your emotions at the door” approach. In fact, decades worth of research show that emotional wellbeing at work increases employee productivity as well as company revenue. Exactly, the way people feel is very much correlated to the way organizations perform financially.

By giving a clear snapshot of where the organization or team finds itself from an emotional standpoint, ECI helps fill in the gap between how people are feeling and how they would ideally like to feel, which allows for increased work satisfaction and business development.

What is inside

A visual display

of the levels of pleasant and unpleasant
emotions people are experiencing,
following the Experienced/ Expected/ Ideal framework

Honest feedback

from people on your team about
the feelings they experience and those
they wish to experience more at work

The opportunity

to discuss the report, upon request,
with a Genos Certified Practitioner -
understand findings and possible ways forward

It's for you if...

You want to start developing a deliberate emotional culture in your workplace

You understand that EI plays a big role in business development and want to build on that

You want to have a Before-and-After the EI development program picture of the emotional climate in your team or organization

You are keen to better understand how people are feeling and help them become more emotionally aware

You’re looking to fill in the gap between how people are currently feeling and their ideal emotional state at work

You will learn

The strengths and areas of emotional development in your team or organisation

Insights about the emotions that people find most helpful as well as unhelpful at work

How the wide range of feelings we experience at work influence our decisions, behavior, and performance

How to use emotional contagion as a tool for bettering your emotional culture

Ways of practicing active listening and empathy in the workplace

How do you access it

Request the full report, free of charge, by filling in the form below. You can request it for your team, department, function or company-wide.

Once you receive the results, you’ll be able to request a follow-up discussion in which a Genos Certified Practioner will guide you through interpreting the results and possible ways forward.

What our customers
are saying about us:

The Emotional Culture Index is a powerful pulse check tool developed by Genos International, leading authority in the field of Emotional Intelligence. Here’s some of our customers’ feedback.

What’s your investment?

Free of charge!

Request the Emotional Culture Index Assessment for a chance to better understand how people in your organization are feeling.

We are able to customize the survey by team, department, as well as by particular demographic characteristics such as the level of designation (senior, mid-level, etc.) or the time worked in the organization.

Stand-out features:

Short survey (takes employees only 5 minutes to complete)

Visual results (accessible graphic results available in the PowerPoint report)

Customizable (by the department as well as specific demographics)

Confidential (inputs are always confidential)

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