Measuring Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment

how to integrate emotional intelligence in recruitment

Emotional intelligence skills are as critical as intellect and technical skills in determining success at work. Our levels of emotional intelligence influence our behavior and correlate with our performance, resilience, and our level of occupational stress. In other words, people with high EI feel less stressed and are more resilient at work – which, ideally,  […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Emotional Intelligence at Work

Everything you need to know about EI at work

By now we all know that emotional intelligence at work is a must. The expression and acknowledgement of emotions, EI development and vulnerable conversations must be encouraged and sustained because one works better when one can be himself/herself. And we need emotional cultures to support that.   It is no secret that building an emotional […]

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How to Become a Positive Influence on Others

three children jumping into water

When talking about leaders and leadership, one thing’s sure: a leader’s behavior can positively or negatively influence the performance and engagement of colleagues. Good leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance and emotional wellbeing in others and this can be achieved by developing your positive influence capabilities. One of the core emotional intelligence competencies, positive influence […]

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You’re Not Listening. Takeaways from Kate Murphy’s Book

Cover of You're not listening book by Kate Murphy

Listening is often seen as the humble counterpart of speech but is actually the stronger position in communication. You learn when you listen. That’s one of the key arguments that Kate Murphy makes in her powerful book You’re not listening. What you’re missing and why it matters. Murphy sustains that, although listening is the foundation […]

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Guide to Everyday Workplace Coaching Conversations

Coaching conversations at work are fundamental to your organization’s well-being and growth. Put plain and simple, powerful perspectives, goal setting, and regular progress-calibration meetups – what coaching is essentially all about – are only going to push your people forward and motivate them to work on the things that really light their fire. And well, […]

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Why You Should Integrate Emotional Intelligence in Your Coaching at Work

emotional intelligence coach

What makes coaching – often confused with therapy, consulting, or mentoring –  essentially stand out is the combination of the practical with the emotional. It follows action plans and performance management, all while keeping an eye on developing your emotional intelligence skills (because, well, we can’t do much without it, right?). Put plain and simple, […]

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Three Practices to Develop Your Authenticity

creative meeting at work

Contrary to popular opinion, authenticity is a skill we can develop. By building self-awareness, exploring the reasoning behind our emotions and actions, working with valuable feedback, and studying the environment we find ourselves in, we can learn to use efficient and honest self-disclosure to our advantage, both at home and in the office. We’ve collected […]

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How to Be Authentic at Work?

blonde woman working from home

People are drawn to authenticity and authentic people. Their stories inspire. Their honesty and openness nudges trust. They are good friends, charismatic leaders, and ingenious co-workers. However, most of the time, we are working so hard to just fit in, especially at work, where we carefully tailor our work personas: professional, distant and non-approachable.  In […]

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